William Pickles
News and Events

I had a small show in Venice to showcase some of my pieces.
A really fun night, and the 3D pictures were a hit!
Here are a some photos -

I helped raise money for homelessness in downtown Los Angeles by participating in an art show.
Midnight Spirographs is a LA-based charity art event which supports the Midnight Mission.

It also showcased my new 3D pictures, so I was keen to see if people liked them.
Here are a some photos from the event.

I did some animation for a music video by the band, Jack's Mannequin.
I helped out because I liked the song's message.
The lead singer, Andrew McMahon, was diagnosed with cancer and has been successfully battling through it. This song is about that struggle.

THE LAB 101 SPACE Presents:

'Wonderful World'

Small art works by
Julianna Swaney, Doug Boehm, Edith MonDragon & William Pickles

April 26 - May 21, 2008
Opens: Saturday April 26, 2pm - 10pm

images:Julianna Swaney, Doug Boehm, Edith MonDragon, william Pickles


The LAB 101 Space is pleased to present 'Wonderful World', an exhibit of small artworks by Julianna Swaney, Doug Boehm, Edith MonDragon and William Pickles

Wonderful World opens April 26, 2008, at The LAB 101 Space (8539
Washington Blvd in Culver City) and remains on view through May 21,
2008. Opens April 26 from 2pm - 10pm.